10 Reasons Why I Love the Asia Grand View Hotel

ImageView you get at the rooftop of the resort.

Staying at unique, beautiful and interesting lodging is a big factor when I travel. It adds to the overall experience and mood of my day. I usually research online about different kinds of lodging before I go to a place for good deals but serendipity always wins over anything. I enjoy knowing a new place and going around to find accommodations that suits my agenda and mood. I won’t deny that I love indulging myself by staying at places that are beautiful and at the same time, gives me the feeling that the establishment understands what travelers like me need and want. Whether it is a simple or over the top service or amenity, it is something I highly notice and appreciate.

When traveling, a lot of people would say that where you sleep and rest is not that important because you don’t stay in your room a lot. It is assumed that when one travels, he/she should be always be outside exploring. I believe that it is not always the case because your lodging is always your safe place. 1. You want to be in a good area that gives you the peace of mind that whatever you leave in your room (computer and filming gear, money and other valuables) are safe. 2. You want to be able to rest well and be comfortable after a big day of adventure and exploration. 3. You should allow yourself to do other rewarding and relaxing leisure activities like swimming at a nice pool, reading a book while seeing the sunset on a rooftop, getting a room massage, etc.


I was fortunate to stay at a very elegant resort called Asia Grand View Hotel in Coron, Palawan. It is a place that will let you enjoy just relaxing and being. Traveling makes you excited and restless to do things but traveling also envolves relaxation, meditation and time for yourself. This resort gives nothing but the best quality of serenity.

Here are 10 reasons why I love Asia Grand View Hotel:

1. Impecable service – The resort has a very courteous, friendly and professional staff. Upon entering the resort, you feel the warmth and sincerity of the staff just by looking at their smile as they greet you. They are very efficient at providing you anything from pool towels, servicing your meals, organizing your transport outside the resort, etc.

2. Beautiful interior design and style – As a lover of art and beauty, I got the best of both worlds just staying a night at this place. The interiors are designed with taste, simplicity and practicality. An original painting hangs in every room, they use appealing color schemes and provide ample breathing room. The outside space is not forgotten. It was designed in a way that the resort adapts and conforms to all the existing trees in the vicinity which helps preserve the beauty of nature inside the structure.

3. Bird watching – Asia Grand View is host to a lot of bird species in Coron. Around the outdoor area, they have posters of the different birds that live and hang out at the resort. Because of this amenity and service, guests will be able to spot and know the different kinds of birds on the island. While I was having breakfast, I saw the Philippine Eagle just hovering around the resort! It’s not everyday that one can experience nature like that.

4. Relaxing pool area – I am a sucker for pools, especially big, beautiful and clean ones. They have a big pool that has increasing depths so that families can enjoy having every member in the pool. They also have a separate dive pool so that guests can do some diving exercises at the resort together with their partner dive center.

5. Practical and smart amenities and features – This resort never ceases to surprise me at how well thought of everything is. I’ve noticed everything from the room patio hammocks down to detachable shower clotheslines right next to a window.

6. Water service – What impresses me the most are the simple things that are made special. Once you are checked-in at the resort, you will notice that you have pitchers of cold and hot water sitting on your patio table. Instead of having to ask for it or get it from the room bar, they made the amazing effort of providing you water for your stay that is nicely packaged and prepared. The resort also provides complimentary tea and coffee, making the water more important 😉

7. Attention to detail – Again, the little things impress me the most. What made my mood change that day was what I found in the bathroom. They had peppermint body wash, lavender shampoo and conditioner and green tea lotion. All of these scents and essences make you feel relaxed and provides nourishment for your body. After a morning of exploration, a good shower with these products makes you feel happy and relaxed. I appreciate this not only because I am a girl but also because attention to detail and the understanding of what guests need and want are satisfied.

8. Rooftop view – This resort will not be called Asia Grand View for nothing. They have a wonderful rooftop view overlooking the island. It is also the perfect spot for watching the sunset. They have a bar and lounge at the rooftop and serve food from the restaurant below. Image

9. Good food – Food is always a priority when traveling and the resort does not disappoint. Everything I ordered was delicious and satisfying. They have a wide asian and international menu. My favorite so far is their Goulash soup.

10. Eco-friendly resort – Coron is blessed with so many resources that they preserve and protect. Asia Grand View Resort does its part by experimenting and using alternative sources of energy for the resort. The have solar LED lights around the garden and pool area and gas showers to name a few.

Here is a glimpse of what I experienced during my stay:





1236223_10151667946863576_1475406259_nPhoto Credit: Edwin G. Espejo

After a night at this resort, I was relaxed, energized and ready for more island adventures!

Check out their website: http://asiagrandview.com/ and get your experience of serenity.


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